General conditions of ORTHOSANTE, sale by Internet

ART. 1 Description of articles
The articles offered on our site are paramedical articles, aimed at relieving members of the whole body, improving their mobility, their static, their comfort or their support.

ART. 2 Presentation of articles
Each article is represented by a color photo, accompanied by its detailed description, size, color, material, as well as its price
Of the indication of its use, and of its properties.
From its contraindications.
A clear explanation for correctly taking measurements, according to the measurement sheet automatically giving the size according to the measures taken.
Description of the different means of payment.
From a no. LiMa for possible reimbursement by insurance.

ART. 3 Liability of the seller.
The ORTHOSANTE company undertakes to deliver the items complying with the order of the buyer, and can not be held responsible for an error of order, an error of measurement, or the consequences that could result from a inadequacy of the ordered item in relation to the desire of the buyer.

Also excluded from his responsibility:
Shades in the color, compared to the photo and the article received.
Changes in the texture of the material, or technical changes, that may occur in the preparation of the article and which could not yet be mentioned in time in the presentation of the article, compared to the date of order.
Allergy or other intolerance to the composition of the product, unless it has been clearly mentioned in the <comments> section of the order form.

ART.4 Warranty

All our items are guaranteed between 4 months and two years upon receipt, against any manufacturing defect, resulting in malfunction, or with a defect in the material, making the article unusable.
In such a case the house ORTHOSANTE undertakes to repair, or repair or exchange free of charge the defective item as soon as possible upon knowledge of the defect.

Exceptions to this guarantee:

The inadequacy of the article ordered, by the buyer, with its indication provided in the presentation of the article.
Incorrect installation causing deterioration of the equipment.
A bad action that would make the use of the ordered item unusable, unbearable, or that would cause its inadequacy.
Inadequate maintenance.
The use of skin products that would make the equipment defective. (Especially on elastic items.)

ART. 5 Liability of the buyer.

The customer assumes full responsibility for his order, the designation, the measurement, and the indication of the item ordered, in relation to his problem.

By its signature at the bottom of the order form the buyer implicitly acknowledges having read these general conditions and accept them without reservation.

ART. 6 Right of return.
The buyer has a right of return within five days of receipt of the ordered item, for the following reasons: Delivery time not respected by the house ORTHOSANTE., To the extent that this delay is attributable to him.

Wrong shipment by the house ORTHOSANTE, provided that the wording of the address of the buyer has been correctly transmitted.

Under the following conditions:

The article must be returned in its original packaging and in perfect condition for both the packaging and the article.
Any return that does not comply with the conditions listed above will be refused and will not give rise to any refund.

ART.7 Terms of payment.

The buyer has several payment possibilities detailed with the presentation of the article:
Payment in advance by computer system.
Payment in advance by CCP or bank account.
Payment in advance by credit card.
Payment in advance by Postcard

ART. 8 Registration of the order.

Upon receipt of the order, the buyer receives within 24 hours from Monday to Friday a confirmation of the receipt of the latter, which mentions the availability of stock, or its unavailability.
The delivery period, and any special conditions (large items, heavy or bulky or pallet).
This order confirmation has no receipt value. It simply mentions that the buyer's order has been registered.
The final registration takes place only when the house ORTHOSANTE. receives confirmation of the execution of the payment by the buyer, ie within ten days. Failing this, it is considered as null and not come.
The delivery period runs upon receipt of the payment confirmation.

ART. 9 Delivery terms.

ORTHOSANTE undertakes to deliver the goods ordered as soon as possible taking into account the following parameters:
Availability of the item in stock
Order deadline imposed by the manufacturer
In case of longer delivery time informs the buyer. In the case of acceptance of the delivery period, the buyer receives a new order confirmation.
In case of definitive unavailability of the ordered article, ORTHOSANTE. inform the customer.
In this case the buyer can request the refund of the ordered item without deduction of costs.
The sending of the goods is done at the risk of the sender, by PTT, or by trucking for objects exceeding 30 Kg.
The correct receipt, the unpacking of the goods is at the risk of the buyer.
Any defect must be immediately reported to the carrier and ORTHOSANTE. in writing clearly indicating the problem.

ART.10 Reimbursement by insurance.

Items that may be reimbursed by health insurance are listed with the corresponding LiMa number.

ART.11 Conditions of reimbursement, by insurance.

Only items with a medical prescription can be reimbursed by insurance.
Either the basic insurance or the supplementary insurance
If this is the case the buyer will receive on his request, with the delivery of the item a bill paid in duplicate that he can submit to his insurance for reimbursement.

Art. 12 For legal purposes.

The place of jurisdiction is domicile