HIGHLIGHT for women


Fine compression stockings (calf)

From the first signs of venous problems.

This women's sock with light compression with delicate transparency and refined mesh guarantees your chic and elegant look, everywhere and at any time.

Its controlled effect gives a boost of energy to your legs and gives them an unparalleled well-being made of lightness and carefree - throughout the day.
Adapting to your leg like a second skin, this bottom flatters the silhouette and seduces with its perfect shape.

Measure makes the difference
Each leg is different. For this reason, HIGHLIGHT stockings are individually adapted to circumferences and length of your legs. The socks guarantee high comfort and ideal compression of the leg.

HIGHLIGHT is the ideal companion for your:

activities during prolonged sitting

activities in prolonged standing



Knee-highs: 76% polyamide, 24% elastane
Stay-ups: 68% polyamide, 32% elastane
Tights: 72% polyamide, 28% elastane







 Compression class 15-20mmHg

Product Description:

• Fine transparency and nobility of the mesh thanks to a special knitting technique
• Maximum comfort and silky feel thanks to highly elastic four-fiber technology
• Elastic fibers enriched by double wrapping
• Optimal sitting on the leg without tourniquet effect

Therapeutic indication:

Prophylaxis of venous conditions in at-risk patients
Functional disorders such as feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs during varicose diseases Vesperal edema, local cause (venous). Pregnancy varices without edema. Pregnancy varices with edema. Light varicose veins with concomitant subjective disorders (varicose veins of the traveling salesman, reticular varices). Simple varicose veins with edema. Advanced simple varicose veins with edema (truncal and lateral varices)

Table taking measurements                            


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